College Planning

College Costs Money

And usually lot of it.....

You want the best for your child. A college education is the foundation for a launch plan in the United States, and yet tuition costs are already astronomical and continue to rise. At the same time, many parents are saving for their own retirement and sometimes assisting their parents financially as well.

If you haven’t already begun to set aside funds, the best time to start is now.

You need to start saving if you haven’t already. But when the child gets older and gets into high school and their future becomes a little more clear, your plan should become a little more clear. If college is in the cards then you need to start seeing if you can reduce the cost of college. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Financial Aid
  • Grants
  • Services
  • Cheaper Alternatives
  • Scholarships

If college is the next step in your child’s education, apply for financial aid, grants, and apply to multiple schools. The more schools you apply to the better the chances of one of them giving you some aid. Also don’t discount a 2 year school or community college to start off. It will often discount your total bill in the end.

If you can’t fund your child’s education completely before they attend college there is another phase in this process. That would be paying off the student loans. We would help with a plan that would pay off this debt in an efficient manner.