<strong>We Work For You.</strong>

We Work For You.

Not a big brokerage company.  We are a family-owned and operated investment advisory firm.  We are fiduciaries which means we have to act in our clients' best interest. 

Our founder, Paul Lewis has been servicing clients for over 35 years.  We help our clients with their retirement planning, wealth management, estate planning, and any other financial goals they have. When developing a financial plan, we put extra emphasis on executing that plan. Whatever stage in life you are in we can help you achieve your financial goals. Whether you just got out of college and are starting your first job, just got married and are starting a family, having kids and are starting to save for their college fund, getting ready to retire, or are retired and need your money to last, we are here to assist you.

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Financial Management and Oversight

Financial Management and Oversight

This is a new role we’ve recently taken on with a number of our clients.  We noticed a lack of communication between professionals with a common client.  Accountants, attorneys, investment advisors, and insurance specialists all mostly seemed to be working independently of each other, and in some cases avoided working together completely.  This put a burden on the client to make sense of everything and made it hard to make decisions without understanding the whole picture.

Out of necessity, we started to collaborate and partner with other professionals listed above, and take more of a team approach for our mutual clients.

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