Lewis Wealth Management Group is a full service financial firm located in Champaign Illinois. We are a well established, family owned firm, with roots in the community. Our founder, Paul Lewis, CFP®,CWS® has been servicing the Central Illinois area for over 40 years.

What Stage Of Life Are You In?

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First Job and/or starting a family- This is an exciting time in your life, just graduated from college, got your first job, and might be trying to start a family.

With our goal based planning we will get you on track to buy that first home, pay off that college debt, and start saving for your future.

Mid Career- Your kids are growing up. Hopefully you are getting ahead with your finances. This is the stage of life where you really want to start accumulating wealth if possible.  

Actions to take, Maximize your 401 K and other savings, investing for your kids college education, preparing your financial picture for later in life.

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Pre-retirement- Kids are grown or at least close to it and it's about time to retire. Your hard work and discipline is about to pay off.  We'll help you set a date to actually retire and have the plan in place. We’ll review and guide your decisions for optimizing your social security to help ensure you have the income you need to support your retirement lifestyle.

Retirement- You've made it. You get to travel, spoil grandkids, hopefully great grand kids... really do whatever you want.  we'll help you enjoy your golden years.

We'll also help you leave a legacy. If applicable we'll work on legacy planning and/or estate planning to you can leave loved ones or charity (or both) something to remember you by when you are gone.


It doesn't matter what stage of life you are in, we can help. Check out our financial planning services below.

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