We are Financial Advisors for people who don't enjoy paying large tax bills.

Welcome to Lewis Wealth Management Group, where we redefine the meaning of financial services. We don't just stop at the conventional investment solutions; we dive deeper into every part of your financial life, including the often-overlooked realm of taxes. Why? Because we understand that it's not only about what you earn—it's about what you keep. We firmly believe that this principle extends to investing too.

Do you want to invest for your future, plan for retirement, but also do it in a tax efficient manner?

We can Help.

Are you worried about retirement and your tax situation?

Equity Compensated or do you own stock in the company you work for?

Are you a Business Owner?

Lewis Wealth Management Group has been around for about 30 years now. So we've learned a thing or two.

We aren't like most Financial Advisory Firms. While investment returns certainly matter, and we'll bring those as well, we understand that taxes should also be a crucial factor in your investment returns and overall Financial Plan. That's why we prioritize tax planning as an essential part of our services.

Imagine this: you work hard to grow your wealth through astute investment decisions, only to find that a significant portion of your gains are eroded by hefty tax liabilities.

We analyze your unique financial situation to uncover opportunities for tax optimization and reduction, ensuring that you keep more of what you've earned.

Tax planning is not just about finding loopholes or shortcuts. It's a strategic and ethical approach to navigating the complex tax landscape, tailored to your specific situation. Our team work closely with you to develop customized strategies that align with your financial goals, helping you minimize tax burdens while staying fully compliant with the law.Don't let taxes eat into your hard-earned investment returns.

What's Our Process?

1.) Book an Appointment

It starts here. Click below and book a time. Or call, whatever is easier. If you're not ready, join our email list. See what we are about and see how we can help.

2.) Introductory Call

We need to get to know you first. We need to find out where you are in life and where you want to go. Bring last years tax return if you have it handy.

3.) Financial Plan

We show you an actionable plan. This plan is designed specially for you, and it can (probably will) be modified according to your suggestions and life changes as time goes on.

4.) Implement the plan

We start working on your financial challenges within the timeline we agree on. We 'll have follow up meetings and checkins, along with phone calls, emails, and texts for ongoing communication. Financial plans are an ongoing process that need to be updated.

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